martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Benidorm le pisa los talones a Madrid en Pernotaciones en Hoteles y Apartamentos

Nos hacemos eco de esta noticia sobre el número de pernotaciones en Hoteles y Apartamentos en Benidrom:
Entre otras cuestiones comentan:
"Menos ingresos
Desde Hosbec, no obstante, realizaron ayer una valoración completa del balance sin obviar que «la contención de precios y la caída de la rentabilidad de las empresas hoteleras se visualizan en los datos de tarifa media y de ingresos medios por habitación disponible» en el conjunto de la Comunidad Valenciana."
Esta claro que en los meses de verano la ciudad de Benidorm es de las ciudades más pobladas de España debido al gran número de Hoteles y Apartamentos que se ocupan. Hay turistas de muchos países y por supuesto muchos turistas Españoles.

martes, 6 de agosto de 2013


When the hot summer had arrive you choice the best option one time, uou choiced a hotel in benidorm cause you find hotel offers benidorm...If you remember all you find in Spain in Levante coast are desagreeyou, except one, that thinh if you alwais prefer, you choiced the hotel offers benidorm...

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all inclusive BenidormYou must probe the mediterranean food buy aswell you keep and obteined the continental food if this option that you prefer, no problem...Coustom alwais comander the waiter spain and receptionispeople and animatoors tours gide, no problem...Spanish are wery kindly and friendly and know languages, speaks english aswell and french and germany, a less...

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sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

Benidorm apartments

In Benidorm there are two ways to spend the holidays. One is living in a hotel four or three stars as we are, or rent an apartment in Benidorm who may be one or two rooms at least. Advantages of one or the other are different. If you rent an apartment or because you found a good deal of Benidorm apartments or because all inclusive Benidorm apartments are to your satisfaction, you have the freedom to be able to feel at home and that you have many supermarkets, shops to find everything you need to have your apartment full of food and drink to your taste. If one of you phenomenal kitchen when renting an apartment in Benidorm enjoy meals that you prepare to your taste and with a lot more flexible schedules since the difference to over a hotel will Elecion schedules that are not conditional on the rigidity of times for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the hotels. Also if you travel with kids your holiday shall issue to be aware of children and other residents of the apartment block you enjoy. In hotels and apartments you can find apartments Benidorm with good deals and where you can get close to the theme parks like Terra Mitica and find an apartment in Benidorm near Aqualand other theme parks that will delight children and not so young.