martes, 24 de junio de 2014


True and right exact popper to the single rooms in a hotel in benidorm neares the beach when the friendly temperature you´d like, I can to express the marvelous site or place named Benidorm in the Levante coast, I feel big mucle for the practique sportgames in the beach, I recommended the sanative sanelive in nature…when you go out you can paid a table for your girlfriend and you for a dinner, the best wines that you ever to kow are wait you, bring a big stomach to engulfed meals and foods salty and cold, the marvelous PAELLA, more deliciously and lovelly, to consist a yellow rice that I recommended but if you prefer vegetarian dishes not at all any problems aswell, you have been served…you can hire or rent a single rooms if you are alone, but no wearing dirty and shaving…When passyour hollydays in Benidorm hotel and meet people and dirk liter of beer or dinner crawns and crustaceus and flutter chiks the time are spendenderes constituency . consulting the news bulletin or the paperbook in your table for amussing in the hamakesbeachs, means a triunf, you can lodge in a hotel a benidorm, great!!!!You best enjoined go aout the pubs and the restaurants, and you can know tha if you are alone you can hire a single romm in benidorm hotel, you can rent a single room in benidorm 

one beedroom

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