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Deals in Benidorm and apartments in Benidorm with an application to learn more about this tourist city

Deals in Hotel Benidorm and apartments in Benidorm with an application to learn more about this tourist city.

Now that good weather is coming this is the best time to organize a holiday. Surely you have a list of the best hotels in Benidorm, or even apartments in Benidorm if you are someone who spend long periods of time in your vacation spot.
You can find fantastic offers on hotels in Benidorm or apartments in Benidorm. The most important holiday in a destination like Benidorm factor is the good time. And it sure will not fail Benidorm.
What about leisure activities and tours? Aside from the wonderful deal on hotels in Benidorm and apartments in Benidorm, you can find countless shows and tours. And let's not forget the food. The Mediterranean is the birthplace of the eponymous diet and is one of the most balanced worldwide.
Sometimes it is difficult to find relevant information to the chosen destination. Sometimes tour operators let us organize free time and in others, looking on the internet what to do and see on the Internet. Again, Benidorm takes a step forward and created a mobile app Benidorm, called 'Now Benidorm'. After downloading, you can see tourism in the city. It is a project of the Office of Tourism Benidorm.
This mobile app shows you the sights of the city along with a commercial guide; useful for both local users and tourists.
The novelty of the application resides in the availability in three languages: Spanish, English and Russian; according to the main visitors.
This application is totally free and offers the agenda of Benidorm with photographs, historical data, etc. It even offers the possibility of geolocation so you can find many shops and historic monuments.

Of course it's a fantastic way to present the city and provide quality information and interesting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
I put a video on hotel benidorm Apartment Buildings in Benidorm with swimming pool near the beach Levante. View from the Hotel Benidorm from four stars 
Appartements avec piscine près de la plage de l'Hôtel de Poniente Benidorm
Immeubles à Benidorm avec piscine près de la plage de Poniente. Vue depuis l'Hôtel Benidorm quatre étoiles
Apartamentos con Piscina cerca de la Playa de Levnate desde el Hotel de Benidorm
Edificios de Apartamentos  en Benidorm con Piscina cerca de la Playa de Levante. Vistas desde desde uno  de losl Hotel de Benidorm de cuatro estrellas.

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