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The City of Benidorm Recent History

The City of Benidorm Recent History.

Courtesy of Four Star Hotel Benidorm

According to the encyclopedia of lost civilizations until 1950 Benidorm was a small center 2000 700 inhabitants most sensitive to corn agriculture and irrigated vegetables and cereals also carob rainfed farmers and other measures was an important fishing port but there a tourist promotion that made its population grew s rapidly from 6000 in 1960 to 10,000 in 1963 all this was due to immigration attracted labor construction from the drought of 1954 and to work hospitality services and products. This is understood as Spanish immigration immigration from other parts of Spain as Spain was at the time an autonomous country and immigration was immigration of peoples of other peoples of Spain Spain is understood that the number of hotel rooms increased from 5000 in 1964-8000 in 1968 were spread over more than 100 local and from there Benidorm became the first resort on the Costa Blanca or Spanish Levante and has 2 star hotels Benidorm and important four-star hotels along the coast of Valencian region.

Trade has had a parallel development to tourism is an industry growing importance in 1960 the main links are the national road Alicante and close via Alicante Denia but foreign tourists flew in through the Alicante Benidorm airport is a conglomeration of peoples Tartessos and Phoenicians Celts who were conquered along with fat. Rome, Nice but less later by Germany, yes much Muslim Spain, 60 per cent of the genetic Benidorm name comes from the Islamists who conquered Spain in 711 Guadalete in war and stayed in it over 700 years calling Al Andalus.
It was a place that was a caliphate and was not fully Reconquista and did reform and Counter religious wars above with the Phoenicians was only a control port of the ancient Iberians and the pygmies of the dwarves are the inhabitants of the old Spanish land and were distinguished by the Greek presence and Phoenicia later that weighs later Greek later Roman and genetics man Benidorm is the Arab people who conquered oy caliphate throughout everything that was the old Benidorm and Valencia region therefore Catalunya until 200 years wars was conquered by France. Book iseec genetic disposition.

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